I CAN’T THINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNK help me this has been blog post time I just can’t think HELP! I’m at my desk thinking of what to do with myself!! I am putting my pen on the table taping. I can’t handle the pressure!! Is this normal??


This week we have been doing show don’t tell was that a good example???

FOOTY DAY yessssss

Hey Guys

Yesterday was footy day!! We got to dress up in our footy stuff! I don’t now why but I bought my footy! I love playing footy! Guess what…because we didn’t have a sausage sizzle we got icy poles! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Comment what team you Barrick for…GO TEAM   COLLINGWOOD!!!!!!

Press on the Picture and see what’s happens:




Science, Science and more SCIENCE

Hey Guys

Just yesterday we had a science fair! It was so much fun, everyone loved it! It took a long time I’m sure we had to do it for one and a half hours! I had to explain what I had 25 times! I was so tired that afternoon. The day I had was tiring! Well I guess I should tell you what  I was doing, I was doing eyes and how we can see colour and light! Once again I was really tired! I had to sit down every now and again! Here’s a photo of my poster that I made:




Hey Guys


Try a new strategy shared in class
Draw a picture

Pay attention to punctuation
Make a picture or mental image
Make text to self Conextions
4. Cross Checking *does it look right

*does it sound right

*does it make sense

5. Use my schema to make connections

6. Viserlying

7. Use adjectives


  1. I draw pictures with lots of detail to flesh out my ideas
  2. I think small and focus on a moment
  3. I am a risk taker and try new things
  4. I group similar thoughts together
  5. My writing is fun to read
  6. Use adjectives in writing

Do you love books I do come and read this!!!

Hey Everyone

This week is book week! Do you know why I love book week!?! I LOVE it because I love books!! I could read for ever!!! If you don’t know what book week is I will tell you now!! So book week is when you make your door to your classroom well you make it like it is a book! My classroom was the hungry caterpillar! My favourite classroom was prep Ds class! I liked this one the most was because it was a different door that not many people will think of! I found that it was very clear! I’m glad that you put there faces on the Bears!  Well done guys! This is the photo!!

Go look at there website:




Look at the video

What you will need

One plastic cup


bicarb soda



food dye

citric acid


  1. Put bicarb soda into a cup 2 spoon falls
  2. put oil into the same cup and fill to the first line!
  3. Add vinegar into the same cup 2 spoon falls
  4. Last of all add 2 drops of food dye



  1. Put citric acid into a snap lock bag teaspoon
  2. put a teaspoon of water
  3.  Bicarb soda teaspoon


Hey guys

Another week talking to ya! Hope your week has been better then um…. AMAZING! (I now that didn’t make sense) So today I am going to talk you about Sci-fi/ Science fiction! So in class we have to make a story that has science fiction! I am writing a story about a person named bob and they get sucked into a pac-man game! So I am just starting a good story I think!! 🙃

This is science fiction because science fiction is something that can happen in the future or that involves with space ships!! I will tell you some movies that have science fiction in it! Star Wars, back to the future AND WAY MORE (I will be going on forever if I kept on going!)

Once I am done I will be happy to let you know! 🤗


Demon Dentist


I haven’t talked to you in ages! Hope you guys loved your holidays!! So let’s get started! I have been reading the best book in the history of the world!!! It’s called DEMON DENTIST! David Walliams wrote this amazing book. And guess what I have read 194 pages in the past week that is how much I love it!!😍 I will tell you the blurb: Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night. Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the but in the morning they will wake up to find…a dead slug a live spider hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow! Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it? I hope you enjoyed that (I got chills ) If you get a chance please have a read it so gooooood! That’s all for me today so I will see you later Bye!!!