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Wow you’re here I didn’t think anyone was going to come to my about me page so um…. Welcome to my About Me page! So here’s something we can talk about. I’m going to tell you 20 things about myself! WAIT DONT GO! It’s going to be interesting! STAY STAY STAY! Thank goodness you stayed!

Number 1. I have two younger bothers! A Mum and a Dad and two gold fish!

2. I’m in year six! (By the way you don’t now how much fun it is)

3. For my hobbies I do Hip-Hop, Netball and Guitar.

4. I love Sport it makes me feel alive!

5. This season in netball I will be playing centre (C) wing attack (WA) and wing defence (WD)

6. I have a few really good friends their names are Nora, Alana, Ella, Mika, Taya and many more!

7. So your probably wondering what my favourite food is well its lasagna! Do you like lasagna?

8. In my hip hop class I am going to meet someone that has danced with Justin Bieber and she is going to teach us!!

9. Wow I’m getting tired I can’t think of much else to say wow there’s a another fact I’m tired HA HA HA!

10. My name comes from France!

11. My favourite colours are Blue and Purple!

12. I have never been over seas! But I really want to see the world

13. My middle name is Kate so my name is Isabelle Kate

14. I’m one of those 11 year olds who like to stay up late and  sleep in the morning! (Just admit you do it too)

15. You probably have these but I don’t EARRINGS (moving on)

16. My favourite animal is a Dog


18. I’ve been to many places in Australia I’ve been to New South Wales Queensland, Brisbane and Victoria HA HA fooled you I live in Victoria!

19. My favourite artist/ singer is PINK!

20. I love running, dancing, swimming, singing and if I listed the rest you will be reading for ever! BUT you always have time to say you love your family and friends the most!

Wow you made it all the way down here! Thank you so much for reading my About Me page!

8 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Isabelle, I really like the writing style you have used, it is so engaging! My favourite positions in netball are the same as yours – C and WA!

  2. You are very good at keeping your readers intrigued and wanting to read more. Can you please reply and let me know what Is netball?

  3. Hi Isabelle!
    I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Your post was truly interesting! I really like the first part! It feels like you are in front of me and talking to me directly! However, so we both are in the same grade, we both sleep late, and we both don’t wear earrings as well! We have so much in common! By the way, is it okay if I add you to my Global Friends List? Please visit my blog whenever you are free! My link is, http://thanumiabey.weebly.com/

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