L๐Ÿ‘€k at these amazing photos!

Hey Guys

We haven’t talked in a while have we! But I have something special for you! Do you love looking at amazing photos then you gonna love this! We looked at rule of thirds today this is like putting a noughts and crosses grid over your photo. The points of interest is where the lines go! Hey I’ve got a game we could play you have to guess where the lines would go then leave a comment of where you think the lines would be!


2 thoughts on “L๐Ÿ‘€k at these amazing photos!

  1. Hey Isabelle!
    I love your blog post! The photos are great and I love the little “game”! I just think you could’ve added more full stops/commas in there because I had to stop a few times.
    Happy blogging,

  2. Hi isabell those photos are amazing the little game is pretty cool to although I wish you had of added more then two!
    From Ben

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