Science, Science and more SCIENCE

Hey Guys

Just yesterday we had a science fair! It was so much fun, everyone loved it! It took a long time I’m sure we had to do it for one and a half hours! I had to explain what I had 25 times! I was so tired that afternoon. The day I had was tiring! Well I guess I should tell you what  I was doing, I was doing eyes and how we can see colour and light! Once again I was really tired! I had to sit down every now and again! Here’s a photo of my poster that I made:




One thought on “Science, Science and more SCIENCE

  1. Hey Isabelle,
    I really like how you put so much emotion into it, put an artefact and, and everything else that I can’t list because it would be a mile long! My only wish is that you could centre your photo at the end and crop it so only the poster is in it.
    Keep up the AMAZING WORK!
    From Sophie! 😀

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