Do you love books I do come and read this!!!

Hey Everyone

This week is book week! Do you know why I love book week!?! I LOVE it because I love books!! I could read for ever!!! If you don’t know what book week is I will tell you now!! So book week is when you make your door to your classroom well you make it like it is a book! My classroom was the hungry caterpillar! My favourite classroom was prep Ds class! I liked this one the most was because it was a different door that not many people will think of! I found that it was very clear! I’m glad that you put there faces on the Bears!  Well done guys! This is the photo!!

Go look at there website:

One thought on “Do you love books I do come and read this!!!

  1. Hi Izzy,
    ….WOW! I love your sizzling start, and how you went on about how you love book week. I like how you put an artefact in about what you’re talking about. My only wish is that when you say about the “Hungry Caterpillar” that you put the start of the words in capitals because it’s a name of a book.
    Keep up the good work!
    From Sophie

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