The Election?

Hey guys!

We had an interesting election today! I was in a political party!

Not a real one though, (you have to be over eighteen to do that)

Now your probably wondering what the party stoud for? We have an gravel area in our school, we are sick and tired of it! Instead of the gravel we wanted grass and trampolines! (In ground trampolines)

Our party was called E.S.S standing for Extra Special Space

Now about how the team worked…. well I was in a team with, Alana, Nora and Olivia! To be honest, We didn’t work well together at all! It just didn’t work!

In the end we got 6 votes! (Bad) I wish we could of made it further but we didn’t! Anyway it was a good experience and I had fun making everything!

Now guys this is just a little update on the blog this will be the last time you’ll hear from me for two weeks because I’ll be on school holidays! (YEAHHHHH)

Here’s photo from the day!




Our Class Novel πŸ“š

Hey Guys

We have just finished our class novel! The book is called Eureka, I was really disappointed with the ending because it was really boring! I would tell you but I don’t want to ruin the ending! I was wanted to know what happened to Mr.Puddlehum because it didn’t say after the book. Here is a few photos of the work I did while I was reading this book….